Reactors Division

Lab Scale Reactor units

AdiChem is established with the aim to serve in designing & supply of Advance lab scale reactor systems, automated pilot plants & detail process engineering. We are capable to work for taylor made systems or customized reactor units. We are ready to cater various process industries like Chemical, Refinery, Petroleum, Petrochemical, Pharma/Biotech Industries for R & D's.

Below are the products provided by AdiChem;

Catalytic Fixed Bed Reactor System

  • Single or Parallel fixed bed system

  • Moc:  Quartz, Stainless Steel, hastelloy and Inconel

  • Temperature range:  ambient to 1000 deg C

  • Pressure range: 0 to 200 bar

  • Fully automated system

Fluidised bed reactor

Micro reactor system

Plug Flow reactor system

Dosing Systems

Customized High pressure and temperature reactor unit

Bioreactor/Fermenter (Make-Biostream international BV, NL)