Catalysts Division


Catalysts, Heterogeneous:

Alumina based:

  • Catalyst carriers

  • Melamine catalyst

  • Clause catalyst

  • Dehydroxylation catalyst (Ethanol to Ethene)

  • Hydrogenation catalyst (Olefin hydrogenation)

  • Oxidation catalyst

  • Semi regenerative reforming catalyst

Zeolite based: 

  • Oxidation catalyst

  • Isomerisation catalyst

  • Nitration catalyst and Chlorination catalyst

  • KL Zeolite (for Chlorination of aromatic compounds)  

  • Beta Zeolite (Nitration  Catalyst) 

  • TS-1 Zeolite (Oxidation catalyst) 

  • FCC catalyst

  • FCC additive

Catalyst precursors:

  • US-Y zeolite (for FCC catalyst & solid acid catalyst in Friedel Crafts reaction)

  • ZSM-5 zeolite (for FCC additive and Xylene isomerisation catalyst)

  • Modernite

  • Pseudo boehmites (as catalyst precursor)

Catalysts, Homogeneous:

  • Fine Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

  • Catalyst for Oil & Oleo chemicals

  • Biotechnology and Environmental Processes

Bed supports: Alumina and Mullite based catalyst bed supports

Clays and minerals: Activated clays, Bauxite, meta Kaoline, beaching earth